Thursday, September 13, 2007

Convincing Myself

I just ordered a 3/4-sleeve top, 4 pairs of undies, and a bra from American Eagle. I usually don’t shop there because it’s too expensive on my college kid budget, but I got all of the above for a mere $36 thanks to a combined 35% off and free shipping. I know I need to be saving my money, and I am! Right now I’m pretty much only buying things I really need (although the Philosophy Purity face wash is somewhat of an exception, but it’s supposed to be really good and besides I got a free sample of DiorShow mascara, which I’ve been wanting to try but not for the crazy price it retails at). Plus I’ve managed to save about $400 since I started at Prairie House, so there.

Besides, a good deal like that helps make up for the fact that my brand-new (albeit very cheap) printer does not print.

I have a reading test in US History tomorrow. First test of the semester, whoohoo. I think I’ll do pretty well on it since it only covers 4 essays, 3 of which I read thoroughly and one of which I tried to read thoroughly. At least it’s not over the notes, since I skipped that class - and Mass Comm - the last two times. I’ve been really bad about going to class this week. Monday I didn’t go at all, Tuesday I went to both my classes, Wednesday I only went to my astronomy class, and today I only went to my health psychology class. I also skipped and rescheduled a lab twice (it’s on the 27th now and I will not - CANNOT - reschedule it again). The first time was because I was late thanks to Zeus getting out of the house and today I blew it off to have dinner with Ellen, Chris, Megan, and Megan’s roommate. It was a lot of fun although I did feel a little guilty about skipping my lab for it. Next week I’m making a point not to miss any classes since skipping is not a habit I want to get into. Just gotta keep my mind focused on a 3.0 GPA.

Also, eight months today… RIP♥