Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Hour at the Park

Young couple having picnic under tree at the top of the hill. White SUV pulls up - young couple in matching white outfits with a pale yellow dog. Dog off leash - can’t catch the ball, even when it’s not moving. Disappear over hill as picnicking couple leaves. Middle-aged couple. Man on cell phone, woman being ignored. Up the hill to the water tower. Standing, talking. Arguing? Older man, business casual, pushing little boys on he swings. Joined by older woman - “Mimi, can you help me?” Middle-aged couple down hill. Woman on phone, then off. Not arguing, but also not affectionate. Yellow truck. Hispanic man out, into white SUV. Both leave, opposite directions. One of the boys swings alone while the others slide. Where is Mimi?