Saturday, February 3, 2007

Bookmark Management

I haven't organized my Firefox bookmarks in ages. This wouldn't be so bad except that when I add a page, I never put it where it should go. I just hit "add bookmark" and let it go into the default folder. As a result, my main bookmarks list consists of 11 [mostly useless] main folders and 52 unsorted links. "How do you ever find anything?" you ask. That's the problem - I don't. I bookmark something to "come back to later," but when later arrives, the idea of sorting through such a long list for something I can't remember the exact name of is too daunting, and I give up immediately.

I think it's about time to do some spring bookmark cleaning. Let's see what I can find...

Flock? What's Flock? Apparently it's "the social web browser." Looks interesting. I'll keep it around, but where to file it? Hmm...I think maybe I need to make a catch-all folder. "Grapefruit" sounds like a good folder name.

Why do I have a folder called Lightening with a bunch of random links in it? A bio on The Knot, a Tiffany's item I don't really like, a random The Knot page, a NaNoWriMo signature page, an Open Table page, a photography tutorial, a deviantART browse page, a NaNoWriMo forum page, the iTunes download page, and a Flickr page. o_O I'm less confused as to why I bookmarked these as to why I bookmarked them together. From the title, though, I think it was one of those "oh no random storm hurry and shut down the computer but first bookmarks all your links in one folder" moments.

Hmm, this looks interesting. The link title is "Refund Please." Ooh, it is interesting. They call themselves "the original online retail price drop tool" and they exist specifically to help you get your price drop refund from various websites, if you're eligible for one. I'll have to look into that later, but for now - Grapefruit.

I think I'm going to change Grapefruit from a catch-all folder to a "check out at a later date" folder. Creating new catch-all folder: Miscellaneous.

Link title: "Question of the Month." Ah, a tutorial about tilt/shift lenses. That can go into my Photography folder.

Oh, here's an ever-useful link, courtesy of OEN: fuck me music. The big question - where do I file it? Hmm. I do have another bookmark with a list of color-related songs, so maybe it's time to start a music folder.

Google search for fruit sauce "sour cream" brown sugar" "orange liquor" (what? I was looking for a recipe) can go into Grapefruit, as can the Dirty Spoke blog awards page. My 2005 poetry page fits nicely into Miscellaneous.

It's sad that I have to open most of these links in order to remember what they are. I really must do this more often.

...Okay. After nearly an hour, my 52 links are all nicely organized and I'm really sick of the internet. I'm going to go watch Breakfast at Tiffany's now.