Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quick Ref

[x] I'm 18.
[x] It's normal to hear the contraction y'all where I live.
[x] My best friend is my fiance...
[x]...but my darling puppy is a close second.
[x] I enjoy being drunk.
[x] I do not enjoy partying.
[x] Photography is my biggest passion.
[x] I'll be the first to correct your grammar mistakes.
[x] I've never lived alone.
[x] My mom died of ovarian cancer on January 13.
[x] I've long fought an uphill battle with anxiety.
[x] I never leave the house without putting on eyeliner.

Some of these facts are vital to understand my psyche, some are not. If you keep reading, you may get to figure out which ones are which.